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Do you need FLEXIBILITY? Are you keen on researching things on the Internet? Do you also value face-to-face courses with an expert native teacher by your side, either in person or online? Do you enjoy meeting people and socializing?

Then, this is the Spanish course for you! Find out about the content in the following course description and click on the blue titles to explore topics.

SPANISH4BIZBCN is a blended Spanish learning experience for those who live and work in Barcelona.

It consists of the right amount of tailored sessions with the teacher combined with online language content and work & personal case management.


Course description details:

Your learning program will combine LINGUISTIC contents, fully adapted to your specific needs, with SOCIOCULTURAL input about Barcelona, Cataluña & Spain under a historical & sociological perspective, for a better understanding of current affairs.

Each level is carefully designed to cover both language and culture in a natural way. Please feel free to ask for further details.




Face-to-face sessions: tailored lessons in language and conversation skills, 100% oral, FLEXIBLE to your needs and schedule.

The minimum amount of F2F hours per week is 2h, either in person or online, at your choice. Those hours can be distributed as follows:

  • In one intensive session of 2 h (once a week).
  • In two sessions of 1 h each (twice a week).
  • NEW!! In four sessions of half an hour each (four times a week). Only available for advanced students who need to develop their speaking skills.

Videochat opportunities: Online face-to-face sessions can be agreed on a regular basis for convenience reasons or occasionally -even last minute- if needed.

Language coaching, consisting in chats (Whatsapp, email, etc.) in Spanish – English if needed – about your questions or doubts, advice for anything you need concerning the language or your daily life in Barcelona and, most specially, to keep your Spanish fresh and active in a natural way.

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Shared documents interaction in real time: we will share your compositions in Spanish via Google Docs for correction, language tips, assessment, etc. so as you can learn from your own mistakes in a modern, dynamic and effective way. 

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blog-to-learn-spanish-language-content(Note: the following online content comes from my blog, as an example. Therefore, it’s free & open to the public. Clients will have EXCLUSIVE access to customized online materials).

Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation tutorials & exercises. 

Language in use: language in its social context plus phrases, idioms and expressions to be competent in current Spanish communication.

Multimedia activities: video, audio, games and quizzes to practice your Spanish in a natural way.


3. BAblog-to-learn-spanish-ramon-casasRCELONA TIPS & MUSTS: 

Practical info to ease the path of new residents and to learn about Barcelona’s past and present.

As a sociologist I can guide you through the pragmatics of the language in use and its cultural peculiarities and help you to deeply understand current Catalan & Spanish society.

Barcelona tips: Practical information for foreign residents.  

Barcelona musts: Agenda of events and activities.

Barcelona, culture and society: Background, culture and society.


task-based-case-management4. TASK BASED CASE MANAGEMENT:

Work scenarios: teacher supported case studies in order to provide you with the confidence needed for proficient performance in typical circumstances such as meetings, written reports, workshops, etc.

Social and personal confidence in real life situations through tasks which will be both instructive and useful. From doctor visits or school parent meetings to socializing and making friends.


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