2 mayo, 2016

About me and about SPANISH4BIZBCN



I’m Marga Rubio Soto, creator of SPANISH4BIZBCN. You’ll get to know more About me below.


About me


about-marga-rubio-soto-imageI’m a «madrileña» (born in Madrid) living and teaching the Spanish language in Barcelona both in person and online.

Since 1997, I’ve been teaching all levels of Spanish as a foreign language – including DELE courses for the official diploma, A1 to C2 – in renowned Spanish schools in Madrid, Buenos Aires and Barcelona, such as International House, Don Quijote or Babylon Idiomas.


I specialise in one-to-one language coaching for entrepreneurs, business & professional Spanish and DELE official diplomas – both in person and online.


Additionally, I’m the author, teacher and tutor of several teacher training courses and workshops for Spanish teachers in Buenos Aires and Barcelona.


Apart from my education and experience in face-to-face tuition, I’m a certified designer of programs, content and materials for online language training courses by the world wide known INSTITUTO CERVANTES, «the largest organization in the world responsible for promoting the study and the teaching of Spanish language and culture» (quote from Wikipedia).


I’m also a Sociologist.


For more details about my career, you can check my LinkedIn profile.




SPANISH4BIZBCN is the result of my 25 years experience as a Spanish teacher, teacher trainer and head of studies.

During all these years I’ve often met students, living and working in Barcelona, who were unable to attend face-to-face Spanish courses because of inflexible timetables in language schools.

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Furthermore, I’ve also witnessed how students have had to cancel their programmed private lessons, either in schools or with private teachers, because of last minute work meetings or business trips.

Consequently, their learning process was disrupted and, obviously, they lost interest.


Additionally, after talking with them personally, I found out that ordinary online courses are not attractive enough when you are already living in the target language country.

Most times ordinary online courses are not student focused and lack real goals, closeness and human scale.

As a result, online courses currently have a 90% dropout rate, according to the Economy section of El País.


Last, but not least, many professionally working students add that they prefer their Spanish language training to be a sociocultural experience, not just an intellectual effort.


In consequence, I came to realize that there is a real need for business people in particular, and for busy people in general, to have a BLENDED Spanish learning experience.


But… what is b-learning?


A Blended learning (b-learning) experience combines face-to-face tuition with online tasks and support, tailor made to your needs and goals.

Check this video about the basics and results of Blended learning versus Traditional / Distance learning:


With my Blended learning approach, this is what you’ll get:


1. Apart from 100% oral face-to-face sessions (either in person or online), you’ll also have online tasks, tutorials and exercises for learning and practice, suitable to your time availability.

As you perfectly know, the Internet offers a huge amount of language information for curious surfers. It works indeed when adequately filtered and organized according to each person’s needs and goals.

Obviously, there’s no need to pay for anything that is freely available. That’s why SPANISH4BIZBCN website tutorials & exercises are free to the public.

♣ However, your specific learning program will include online exclusive customized materials that are not available to the general public.


2. We’ll set a flexible but regular program built on face-to-face sessions to be provided either in person or online, and online tasks with me, your teacher & language coach.

Those face-to-face sessions can be flexibly adjusted to your agenda without missing anything in your learning program.

Thus, your work demands won’t interfere with your learning experience and vice versa. That’s the added value of a blended experience.


3. I will also provide you with personal language coaching via email and/or Whatsapp, according to your learning needs & real-life tasks and to keep your Spanish fresh & active in a natural way.


Additionally, as a sociologist I will guide you through the pragmatics of the language in use and its cultural peculiarities and help you to deeply understand current Catalan & Spanish society.


Blended learning is here to stay… Be blended, be successful!

For more details on this innovative learning approach, please check «About Blended learning«.


For any doubts or comments, for any other details about me or about SPANISH4BIZBCN, please go to CONTACT. I’ll gladly answer all your questions.


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You can also try the free online SPANISH LEVEL TEST and get a fast response of your competence and accuracy in Spanish.