8 junio, 2016




Sessions with the teacher are face-to-face opportunities either in person or online for tailored lessons on language and conversation skills, according to your needs and FLEXIBLE to your schedule availability.


They include, in addition, task based case management of your specific work scenarios and social/personal contexts in order to gradually gain confidence for proficient performance in your daily life in Spain.

Sessions with the teacher combine with online customized materials, according to your specific learning program, that are not available to the general public.


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They also include online coaching via email, smartphone and/or social media throughout the whole period of the sessions.

Thus, your teacher will actually be your language coach and not a mere academic instructor. Your language lessons will be an answer to your real needs.

How many times did you attend a lesson that made no real sense for you and felt like a waste of time?

Time is gold. We won’t waste it in useless topics.


Sessions with the teacher: main features.

FLEXIBILITY: Your time-table will depend on your schedule availability.

Furthermore, if unexpected business meetings or trips coincide with scheduled sessions, we’ll reschedule them to keep your language learning progress regular and steady.

(I respectfully request at least 24 hour notice for cancellations or rescheduling of any F2F session).

 FREQUENCY: depending on your needs and availability, from once a week to every weekday with a minimum of 2 weekly hours.

Check PRICES for more information about MULTI SESSION packs.

 PERSONAL COACHING: you’ll have constant online customized support to solve your doubts or to fulfill any unexpected need.

Those can go from questions about the language to dealing with paperwork.

♦  SMALL SIZE: only at your choice, from private sessions to mini-group of two students.

 LOCATION: at your teacher’s home, at a bar nearby while having a coffee or online via Skype/Zoom/Hangouts.


These face-to-face opportunities combine with a tailor-made program of online materials and customized online support, which you can work with on your own before and after every session so as to take the most of your blended Spanish learning experience.

JOIN the community, be blended and be successful!!


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