9 junio, 2016

Online Spanish classes & phone call opportunities.



Online Spanish classes combined with online tutorials and tasks are also an excellent blended learning option. 

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You don’t need to attend your class physically every time. You can chose the most convenient way for you: in person or online classes. Even last minute.

«What do I fancy doing today, going to class or meeting my teacher online?»; «Wow, it’s raining cats and dogs, better if I stay home!»; «Oooops… It’s too late to arrive on time. Let’s meet online!». Sounds cool, doesn’t it? 


online classes jana


ONLINE Spanish classes via Zoom or Skype can be arranged on a regular basis and also occasionally, completely at your convenience. 

Additionally, we can take advantage of PHONE CALLS too: they allow challenging remote lessons and are a great tool for solving real life tasks.


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