4 mayo, 2017

Culture Capsules: Barcelona, Cataluña, Spain and Latin America



Culture capsules are one of the best known methods for teaching culture and foreign languages.

However, culture sessions can also become a way to mislead learners if the teacher is narrow minded or not appropriately informed.


A bit of info about the author:


Apart from Spanish teacher, I’m a sociologist.

I’m also a «madrileña» who has lived and worked in Madrid, in Buenos Aires and currently in Barcelona. As a consequence of my academic studies and personal experience, my knowledge and perspective have been largely enriched.

I am, as well, a simple human being with a deep interest in the past and an enormous curiosity in the present and future.

Marga Rubio Soto

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Culture Capsules description 


Essentially, SPANISH4BIZBCN Culture capsules consist in a brief description of important aspects of the Spanish, Catalan or Latin American CULTURE, HISTORY and SOCIETY (e.g., gastronomy, nationalism, music, religion, business habits & practices, …) followed by, or incorporated with, contrasting information from your native culture.

Don’t worry if you don’t know much about the subject in your own country or culture. I can provide the necessary contrasting information.

Culture capsules last two (2) hours each. They are given face to face and orally, either in person or online via Skype/Zoom, with the exception of the Spanish Civil War walking tour in Sants neighborhood which needs to be in person:



 Procedure: I’ll give you a brief lecture on the chosen cultural subject and then we’ll have a discussion (preferably in Spanish, but English is also allowed) about the differences between cultures.

Some visual information, such as handouts, pictures, videos or music, will support the lecture. Check the YouTube List that illustrates the Culture capsule «Current situation of religion in Spain» as an example:



SPANISH4BIZBCN Culture capsules will help you to grow your intellectual knowledge about the cultural aspects of Spain, Cataluña & Latin America and will make your daily life here easier and much more enjoyable.


Culture capsules Titles and Price list: 


Prices are meant for individual sessions. You can take these capsules separately or in packs with your selection.

  • Customized FREE PRICE QUOTE upon request for small groups (min. 2pp) or if pack quantities don’t suit your preferences.


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