19 febrero, 2020



Who is this course meant for?

This Spanish for Entrepreneurs & Freelancers course is meant for those professionals settled in Barcelona in search of a task based training tailored to their real needs and focused on their real goals.

This is a customized learning program for professionals in every area, aiming to proficient performance in their SPECIFIC working and real-life scenarios.

Your course program will therefore be designed according to your particular needs and goals after a detailed needs diagnosis.

What will you learn in this course?

Foreign entrepreneurs and freelancers in Barcelona are residents in first place. Second, we all know how important customs and current events are for making business.

Therefore, your course will include not only Spanish GRAMMAR and BUSINESS vocabulary: it will place much importance on LANGUAGE IN USE & PRAGMATICS under a sociocultural perspective.

Thus, you will be in the best position and disposition for a proficient performance in real-life scenarios.

That will give you the confidence and assertiveness you need to feel fully YOURSELF also in Spanish, key to success in Barcelona.

Because I am also a freelancer. And a dreamer.

I believe that this training will not only improve your skills for making business, but will also positively affect your life in the city you live and work.

I also believe that foreign residents wellbeing and positive attitude will greatly repercute in the city and in its local population.

The invisible wall between local citizens and foreign residents will fall apart once they know and trust each other.


Confidence is the key, synergy the tool and happiness the result.

I have a dream.

Know me and afterwards you’ll decide.

A FREE presentation session (in person or online) to explain you all the potential of my blended learning method – and, most important, to know your needs & goals – will be provided without further obligation.

Spanish for entrepreneurs and freelancers is another SPANISH4BIZBCN blended learning Spanish experience consisting in the best combination of face-to-face & online tuition tailor-made according to your personal needs and availability. 

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Be confident, be successful. Be blended!

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