11 mayo, 2016

TUTORIALS and EXERCISES: Grammar/Vocabulary/Pronunciation



Welcome to SPANISH4BIZBCN tutorials and exercises!

Here you’ll find FREE ONLINE grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation lessons and syllabus, so as you can chose your own path into the Spanish language learning.

tutorials-and-exercises-blog-postsAll tutorials are in natural, CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH, although conveniently adapted and tagged by level for your better understanding.

This way you can take the most of a real immersion into the use of the language.

 In case of not understanding a word or a language chunk, you can obviously use an online translator (t.e. Google Translate).

However, try to not overuse it: it’s much better to find your way through texts and audios by comprehending the context.

Take in mind that you cannot understand every single word… and that’s exactly the purpose! But you’ll surely catch all the general and most of the specific meaning: I know very well every level handicap and I’ve put myself in your shoes while composing all these materials.

Please send me your questions or comments below each tutorial post and I’ll gladly answer fast and accurately.

Now, find your level and go ahead!

Tutorials and exercises level description:

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